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The topic allows you to post a description of your talent and contact info for employers looking for talent. Since this is an interactive board, it is possible to have an ongoing dialogue with potential employers.

The only conditions are that (1) Do not post your full name, use an email moniker or some other descriptive identity; (2) Do not use company names in your description, for example instead of saying "I worked for IBM", say "worked for a large computer company"; (3) Do Not post telephone numbers or fax numbers, only email addresses. In short, convey the necessary information about your talent and availability without violating your privacy or the privacy of others. This is actually the kind of resume the Accounting/Consulting firms use for describing their talent to clients.

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Clerical12-17-02  5:52 pmCassandra Richards6
Graphic Artists  0
Construction Industrial  0
Legal4-09-02  12:52 pmJoy Anderson1
Technical1-16-02  2:14 pmMarion Paige2
Web12-23-01  12:09 pmAnonymous3
Entertainment10-25-01  11:57 pmMarion Paige1
Other11-19-02  4:11 amMarion Paige5
Fashion4-15-01  11:22 pmMarion Paige1