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The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an exciting new business structure that has the pass-through tax benefit of a partnership and the "limited liability" protection of a corporation. We believe that the LLC will revolutionize relationships (see Relationship LLC ) and the workplace.

Employers have many labor options available to them. Employers may: (a) hire employees directly as "permanent" at-will employees;(b) employers may use employee-leasing services; (c) employers may use temporary and contract labor;and (d)outsource functions entirely.

We believe that outsourcing work to an in-house independent employee-owned labor pool or Support LLC (tm) is the best possible labor solution available today. In addition, by way of an equity stake in the Support LLC, your company can have a shared investment in the success of this independent labor pool and achieve additional cost savings .

Relationship, L.L.C. proposes to create, staff and train employee-owned LLCs that would be able to operate as Support LLCs (tm) within your company. For example, mail room functions, copy centers, word processing and graphic centers and entire IT Departments may be outsourced to employee-owned Support LLCs and function as independent businesses / stores within your organization. This service is currently available in New York City only.

Contact info: Marion Paige, marionpaige@ureach.com voice mail 1-877-550-6637 or at webmaster@tempcity.net

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