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SELECT id, member_id, running_time, location FROM ibf_sessions WHERE id='5e66d4640fc219a829fdefb433c5848e' and ip_address=''
DELETE FROM ibf_sessions WHERE running_time < 1594601681 or ip_address='' or id='5e66d4640fc219a829fdefb433c5848e'
INSERT INTO ibf_sessions (id, member_name, member_id, ip_address, browser, running_time, location, login_type, member_group) VALUES ('48ffb46b339f52a1a240798102cb04a2', '', '0', '', 'CCBot/2.0 (', '1594605281', ',,', '0', 2)
SELECT * from ibf_groups WHERE g_id='2'
SELECT s.*, t.template, c.css_text FROM ibf_skins s LEFT JOIN ibf_templates t ON (t.tmid=s.tmpl_id) LEFT JOIN ibf_css c ON (s.css_id=c.cssid) WHERE s.default_set=1
SELECT,, f.read_perms, f.password, as cat_id, as cat_name from ibf_forums f, ibf_categories c where ORDER BY c.position, f.position
SELECT COUNT(id) as total_sessions FROM ibf_sessions s WHERE login_type <> 1 AND running_time > 1594604381 AND (s.member_group <> 2 OR LIKE '%session' )
SELECT, s.in_forum, s.in_topic, s.member_name, s.member_id, s.ip_address, s.running_time, s.location, s.login_type, s.member_group, g.prefix, g.suffix FROM ibf_sessions s, ibf_groups g WHERE s.running_time > 1594604381 AND s.member_group=g.g_id AND (s.member_group <> 2 OR LIKE '%session' ) ORDER BY member_name asc LIMIT 0,25
SELECT macro_value, macro_replace FROM ibf_macro WHERE macro_set=9

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