Kelly Financial Resources Opens Office In New York
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NEW YORK, Feb. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Kelly Financial Resources, the
finance and accounting division of staffing leader Kelly Services, has opened
a New York City office.  The office, located at 237 Park Avenue, will serve
the needs of businesses in Long Island, Westchester, Queens and Brooklyn.  The
phone number is 212-949-5313.
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   Kelly Financial Resources provides short-term to full-time placement of
finance and accounting professionals to companies worldwide.  The assignments
range from support level to senior management.  Kelly Financial Resources
currently operates in the following national markets: central New Jersey, New
York City, Louisville, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis,
Houston, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco, Phoenix, Seattle, San Jose, San Diego
and Los Angeles.
   "This office opening allows us to become a strategic partner with clients
currently utilizing other services through Kelly," said Robert Guglielmo,
branch manager for the new Kelly Financial Resources office.  "All of our
clients will benefit from a full range of services along with the unparalleled
support they need to be successful."
   Mr. Guglielmo has over 10 years of staffing experience, specializing in
sales and the recruitment and placement of financial professionals.

   About Kelly Financial Resources
   Kelly Financial Resources has experienced and knowledgeable recruiters who
recruit and place professionals in a number of disciplines in the accounting
and finance fields, including public accounting, general accounting,
payroll/billing, internal audit, tax, budgeting and cost accounting, financial
analysis, treasury, cash management, investor relations, mergers and
acquisitions and credit management.  For more information about Kelly
Financial Resources visit .

   About Kelly Services
   Kelly Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: KELYA, KELYB) is a Fortune 500 company
headquartered in Troy, Mich., offering human resources solutions that include
temporary services, staff leasing, outsourcing, vendor on-site and full-time
placement.  With more than 2,300 company owned and operated offices in 26
countries, Kelly provides to its customers 800,000 employees annually, with
skills including office services, accounting, engineering, information
technology, law, science, marketing, light industrial, education and health
care.  Sales in 2001 were $4.3 billion.  Visit .
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