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STATE OF THE MARKET: There is always temp work, it is just a matter of finding out what agency has it. Right now, legal remains strong along with help desk and network administration (especially at law firms). The outsourcers like Pitney Bowes and Bowne are always looking for people.

MORPH OF THE WEEK: (SAME AS LAST WEEK). If you want to get temp work right now, you will need to morph into an experienced law firm wp operator. You will need to have a resume that has a lot of law firm word processing center experience on it and you will need to be able to pass the law firms’ tests for word processors. Mostly, the law firms have tests that require that you know automatic table of contents, automatic tables of authorities and automatic numbering. Law firms use Delataview and Comparerite to compare one version of a document to another and almost every law firms has a document management system like Docs Open. Historically, not a lot of law firms have used Excel and Powerpoint, but that is changing now. Having Excel and Powerpoint on your resume will help because most of the law firms existing staff probably don’t know these packages. I have not seen a strong demand for EGAR people, but there are law firms that have an EGAR staff

ONE STOP NEWS: If you can’t find work, register for unemployment. If you don’t register for unemployment, you won’t qualify for the free training available through the new One-Stop Program. In NYC, most of the training is through The Consortium for Woker Education’s WCC, The division of the WCC that handles placement for displaced professionals is PROS,

EVERGREENS, Agencies that may not be currently advertising for people but are agencies that should be part of every temp’s portfolio: Advantage Human Resourcing (212-267-1400), Jovan Staffing (212-599-2002), Asset Staffing (212-481-4560), Delta (212)869-7070), Priority (212-697-0500), Cameo (212-525-0050), Rand Associates (212-867-3711), Eden (212-685-4666), Adecco (212-248-5627), Quantum (212-972-1313).

DESPERATELY SEEKING THIS WEEK, agencies advertising which do not appear to be advertising as part of some long term advertising contract: Rand Associates (212-818-02006) - finance, legal, publishing, accounting, fashion, healthcare, non-profit////Personnel Specialists (212-986-9259) - exec admin, secys, recepts, wp////EWP Staffing ( fax 212-768-7485) - admin asst////Jovan Temps (212-599-2002) MS Word experts////Goodkind Group (212-378-0700) Supervisor night shift////The Affiliates (212-557-7878) paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries, word processors, admin assts.

Vanguard (212-682-6400) – MSWW;WPW;Excel;Lotus; Powerpoint; Access////Metropolitan (212-983-6060) – admin assist; recepts and wp operators////Claudia Cohen (212-983-9050) – Project Coordinator; powerpoint; word; excel; graphics designer////Fifth Avenue Temps (212-972-1111) – exec/admin assts; legal secys; coders; scanners////Todays Staffing (212-545-1736)////Talent Tree (212-983-8300)////Madison Avenue Temp (212-922-9040)////Savitt & CO (212-661-4100) – legal secretaries; recepts; word processors////ATS Professional ( Supporting Cast (212-725-2577) – admin assist////Merlin Temps (fax 212-972-1026)////Forrest Edwards ( – legal center operators

DESPERATELY SEEKING, RE-CURRING ADS: Looks the same as last week:

Access (631-777-2800) – legal secys; receptionists; data entry////D.P. (212-679-8335) – legal secretaries; word proc operators; medical secretaries; exec admin secretaries; paralegals////PNP (212-546-9094) - administration; fundraising; accounting; human resources; IT for non profits////Taylor Grey (212-687-8100) - accounting; advertising; entertainment, finance; legal;non-profit and publishing////Taylor Hudson (212-924-8300) – admin asst; receptionists; management; it////Vista Legal Staffing (212-557-6868) – legal secys; admin assts; wp center ops
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